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Consider these 3 benefits of a shopping experience


You don't have the time to handle your retail cleaning yourself, but you also shouldn't miss out on the benefits of a clean and sanitary store. You'll want to schedule regular store cleanings in order to...

  1. Boost in-store sales

  2. Increase employee productivity

  3. Maintain a professional appearance


Show your clients and employees that you care. Arrange for recurring retail cleaning services today

Retail clothing store in the Mall

Enjoy the Benefits of a Clean Store


Your customers are an important part of your business, so you'll want to provide them with a retail space that's clean and well-maintained. K&T Cleaning Services, LLC provides thorough retail cleaning services to commercial clients in St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas.

You can make sure that your retail space is clean and meets proper sanitation standards so that your customers are safe from contaminants. We'll clean everything up to 10 feet high, including floors, corners, baseboards, vents, break rooms and restrooms. Call 314-325-2468 now to schedule your free walkthrough for your shopping center cleaning.

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